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Mister Fantastic Knows Atlantean

Mister Fantastic Knows Atlantean

Namor: When were you going to inform us? Iron Man: It just happened yesterday. Namor: I thought we had an arrangement here. Iron Man: Does anyone know how to say […]

namor's friend

Namor’s Friend With Benefits

Hepzibah: “Friend.” Riiiiight. Sunspot: Wait, do you mean– Namor: Namor does not speak of his conquests. Hepzibah: That’s good to know. Namor: Though he perfectly understands that others oft wish […]

what the x means in x-men

What The X in X-Men Means

Namor: It’s a trap. Cyclops: Of course it’s a trap. But it’s also a ceasefire. It gives the city time to evacuate the area. Namor: Ah. I increasingly understand the […]