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Category: Lex Luthor

Why Lex Luthor Is Evil

This isn’t actually Lex Luthor. His consciousness was transferred to the Flash due to a freak accident. – Justice League Unlimited Season 3, Episode 8

how harley quinn beat lobo 2

How Harley Quinn Beat Lobo

If you’re wondering how Harley Quinn was able to accomplish that feat, it’s because she took one of the super pills that Lex Luthor developed for Superman’s army.   – […]

forever evil anti heroes

Forever Evil Anti Heroes

What happens when the world’s most powerful super hero team,┬áthe Justice League, was incapacitated by the Crime Syndicate? It’s up to the world’s villains to step up and protect the […]

lex luthor and bizarro

Lex Luthor and Bizarro

When Earth was invaded by the Crime Syndicate from Earth 3, Lex Luthor activated his secret project: a clone of Superman. The cloning process required 10 years but due to […]

Justice League cover

Justice League Volume 2

When DC Comics launched their reboot project called the New 52, among their biggest draws was the reboot of one of their flagship titles, The Justice League. The comic has […]

Superman and Batman on one another

Superman: When I was a kid, my dad would take me to the football games at Smallville High. He’d played there years ago. We’d pack a picnic lunch, we’d sit […]