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Category: Daredevil

Hells Kitchen Pay Homage To Daredevil

Hells Kitchen Pay Homage To Daredevil

  Hells Kitchen is assaulted by mercenaries hired by the Stroymwyns, and had the Kingpin, mayor of New York, to order the police to stay away. The residents rallied together […]

The Stromwyns Humiliate The Kingpin

  I like the idea of the Kingpin finding out he’s not the richest or most powerful out there in New York, and the Stromwyns just played around with him. […]

Spider-Man During September 11

Spider-Man During September 11

  Only madmen could contain the thought, execute the act, fly the planes. The sane world will always be vulnerable to madmen, because we cannot go where they go to […]

The Avengers Choosing Asgardian Weapons

The Avengers Choosing Asgardian Weapons

  Trust Wolverine to pull a prank on Spider-man despite having an end of the world crisis in their hands. Later we’d learn it’s a magical helmet that lets Spider-man […]

Daredevil And Mister Fantastic Talks About God

Daredevil And Mister Fantastic Talks About God

  The world’s smartest man, Mister Fantastic, discusses God and faith with Daredevil, a Catholic. Pretty good answer from Reed Richards, who’s definitely seen so many cosmic beings and dimensions […]