When DC Comics launched their reboot project called the New 52, among their biggest draws was the reboot of one of their flagship titles, The Justice League. The comic has gone through many incarnations in its storied tenure: Justice League, Justice League of America, Justice League International and JLA just to name a few. With the reboot, DC Comics hoped to make the series easier for new fans to follow.

Justice League cover

A complete list of all Justice League Volume 2 posts in chronological order.

  1. Batman (Justice League)
  2. Green Lantern and Batman’s First Meeting (New 52)
  3. Green Lantern Learns What Batman’s Powers Are
  4. Batman Can Take Green Lantern’s Ring Anytime
  5. Superman (Justice League)
  6. Superman And Batman’s First Meeting (New 52)
  7. Superman VS Green Lantern (New 52)
  8. Superman And The Flash’s First Meeting (New 52)
  9. Green Lantern Exposed Flash’s Secret Identity
  10. Victor Stone Gets Blasted By A Father Box
  11. Wonder Woman Has An Ice Cream
  12. Wonder Woman (New 52)
  13. Flash Thought Batman Was A Vampire
  14. How Victor Stone Became Cyborg (New 52)
  15. Superman And Wonder Woman’s First Meeting (New 52)
  16. Aquaman (Justice League)
  17. Cyborg (New 52)
  18. Green Lantern Doesn’t Know Aquaman Is Real
  19. What Aquaman Can Do
  20. Green Lantern Touched The Lasso Of Truth
  21. Superman And The Flash Outruns The Omega Sanction
  22. Green Lantern VS Darkseid (Justice League)
  23. Batman Reveals His Secret Identity To Green Lantern
  24. Wonder Woman And Aquaman Stabs Darkseid’s Eyes
  25. How The Justice League Defeated Darkseid
  26. Flash’s Idea Of A Team Name
  27. Green Lantern Taunts Batman
  28. Justice League VS Spore
  29. Steve Trevor Defends The Justice League From Congress
  30. Green Arrow (New 52)
  31. The Bug In Cyborg’s Boom Tube
  32. Green Arrow Tries To Join The Justice League
  33. Why Green Arrow Wants To Join The Justice League
  34. Martian Manhunter VS The Justice League
  35. Batman Asks Superman On A Lunch Date
  36. Why Flash Can’t Be The Bad Cop
  37. Green Lantern Steals Dates
  38. Superman Doesn’t Steal Girlfriends
  39. Graves Takes Out Wonder Woman
  40. Justice League (New 52)
  41. Graves Takes Out The Justice League
  42. What Graves’s Powers Does
  43. Wonder Woman VS Green Lantern (New 52)
  44. Superman Is Better With Words
  45. Doctor Sivana’s First Meeting With Black Adam
  46. Graves (New 52)
  47. The Justice League VS Graves
  48. Why Green Lantern Left The Justice League
  49. Why Superman And Wonder Woman Are Together
  50. Superman And Wonder Woman Kissing
  51. Wonder Woman VS The Cheetah (New 52)
  52. The Flash Convinces Cyborg He’s Still Human
  53. The Cheetah Infects Superman
  54. The Flash, Wonder Woman And Aquaman VS The Cheetah
  55. The Cheetah’s Origin Story (New 52)
  56. Billy Batson Is Tested By The Wizard
  57. Billy Batson Transforms Into Shazam For The First Time
  58. Black Adam (New 52)
  59. Superman And Wonder Woman Kissing 2
  60. Wonder Womans Learns How To Disguise Herself
  61. Aquaman Saves Batman
  62. Mera (New 52)
  63. Superman And Wonder Woman Lifts An Aircraft Carrier
  64. Aquaman Creates The Atlantean War Plans
  65. How Shazam Uses An ATM
  66. Shazam Discovers He Can Fly
  67. Batman Strikes Ocean Master
  68. Aquaman VS Wonder Woman (Throne of Atlantis)
  69. Ocean Master Takes Out Batman
  70. Ocean Master and the Atlantean Army
  71. Cyborg VS The Drift
  72. Superman And Wonder Woman VS Ocean Master
  73. Cyborg Calls In Justice League Hopefuls
  74. Shazam Meets Black Adam For The First Time (New 52)
  75. Justice League Hopefuls VS Atlantean Army
  76. Ocean Master Loves Aquaman
  77. Aquaman Beats Ocean Master
  78. Justice League And Atlanteans VS The Trench
  79. Aquaman’s Punishment To Ocean Master
  80. Why Aquaman Had To Return To Atlantis
  81. Black Canary VS Copperhead
  82. Cyborg’s Attention Span Problem
  83. The Justice League Recruits New Members
  84. Justice League VS Platinum
  85. The Atom (New 52)
  86. The Seven Sins (New 52)
  87. The Outsider Infiltrates The Batcave
  88. Batman Talks To Superman And Wonder Woman About Their Relationship
  89. Black Adam’s Origin Story (New 52)
  90. Despero (New 52)
  91. Despero VS Element Woman, Firestorm And The Atom
  92. Martian Manhunter VS Despero
  93. Why Batman Is Afraid Of Wonder Woman
  94. The 7 Deadly Sins Found A Host
  95. The New 52 Marvel Family
  96. Mary Marvel (New 52)
  97. Tawky Tawny (New 52)
  98. Marvel Family VS Black Adam
  99. Black Adam Always Lost This Way
  100. Madame Xanadu (New 52)
  101. Why Wonder Woman Doesn’t Have Cool Villains
  102. Pandora (New 52)
  103. Superman Opens Pandora’s Box
  104. Superman VS Shazam (New 52)
  105. Justice League Of America Confronts The Justice League
  106. The Question (New 52)
  107. Superman Kills Doctor Light
  108. The Outsider (New 52)
  109. Professor Ivo Captures The Justice League
  110. John Constantine Is Screwed
  111. Batman VS Green Lantern (Simon Baz)
  112. Justice League VS Justice League Of America VS Justice League Dark
  113. Why Superman Is Sick (New 52)
  114. The Traitor In The Justice League
  115. Cyborg’s Suit Becomes Sentient
  116. The Secret Of Pandora’s Box
  117. Sea King (New 52)
  118. Crime Syndicate (New 52)
  119. Crime Syndicate 2 (New 52)
  120. How Ultraman Escaped Krypton
  121. How The Kents Adopted Ultraman
  122. Ultraman (Justice League Vol 2 #24)
  123. Ultraman VS Black Adam
  124. Owlman’s Origin Story (New 52)
  125. Owlman VS Nightwing (New 52)
  126. Grid’s Origin Story
  127. Power Ring’s Origin Story (New 52)
  128. Johnny Quick And Atomica Tortures Police Officers
  129. How Johnny Quick And Atomica Got Their Powers
  130. Deathstorm’s Origin Story
  131. Johnny Quick And Atomica VS The Doom Patrol
  132. The Red Room (New 52)
  133. Cyborg Version 2 (New 52)
  134. The Metal Men (New 52)
  135. Meet The Metal Men
  136. Chemo (New 52)
  137. The Metal Men VS Chemo
  138. Cyborg Meets The Metal Men
  139. Cyborg And The Metal Men VS Grid
  140. The Metal Men VS The Fearsome Five
  141. Cyborg VS Grid
  142. The Justice League Arrests The Secret Society
  143. Wonder Woman VS Metallo
  144. Lex Luthor Applies For The Justice League
  145. Lex Luthor Visits Wayne Manor
  146. Lex Luthor Tries To Make Bruce Wayne Admit He’s Batman
  147. Bruce Wayne And Alfred Pennyworth VS Lex Luthor
  148. The Power Ring Chooses Jessica Cruz
  149. Shazam’s First Monitor Duty
  150. Bruce Wayne Tells Lex Luthor A Story
  151. The New Power Ring (New 52)
  152. The Doom Patrol (New 52)
  153. Doom Patrol Origin Story (New 52)
  154. Cyborg Learns Power Ring’s Secret
  155. The Doom Patrol VS Power Ring
  156. Justice League VS Doom Patrol (New 52)
  157. Batman Shuts Down Power Ring
  158. Superman Welcomes Lex Luthor To The Justice League
  159. Superman And Lex Luthor VS Gorilla Grodd
  160. The Flash Helps Power Ring Control Her Power
  161. Lex Luthor’s Secret Ally
  162. Bruce Wayne Outdoes Lex Luthor In Speech
  163. Aquaman VS Neutron
  164. Superman And Batman VS Amazo Virus Infected Civilians
  165. Lex Luthor Explains The Amazo Virus
  166. Patient Zero’s Abilities
  167. Superman, Batman And Wonder Woman VS Patient Zero
  168. Batman Is Infected With The Amazo Virus
  169. Captain Cold VS Bullet
  170. Superman, Wonder Woman And Lex Luthor VS Infected Justice League
  171. Wonder Woman And Captain Cold VS Infected Justice League
  172. How To Stop Patient Zero
  173. Aftermath Of Amazo Virus
  174. Amazo (New 52)
  175. Power Ring’s New Trainer
  176. Metron (New 52)
  177. How Metron Made Peace Between New Genesis And Apokolips
  178. Metron Describes The DC Crises
  179. What The Anti-Monitor Wants
  180. Grail (Justice League)
  181. Mister Miracle (Justice League)
  182. Superman Challenges Lex Luthor To Cure Cancer
  183. Mister Miracle VS Darkseid (Justice League)
  184. Grail Takes Out The Flash
  185. Grail Takes Out Batman
  186. Grail Takes Out Cyborg And Shazam
  187. Wonder Woman VS Grail
  188. Grail Takes Out Green Lantern And Power Ring
  189. Grail Summons The Anti-Monitor To Prime Earth
  190. The Anti-Monitor (Justice League)
  191. Lena Luthor Shoots Lex Luthor
  192. Myrina Black (Justice League)
  193. Myrina Black Explains Her Motives
  194. Wonder Woman’s First Meeting With The Anti-Monitor
  195. Batman Becomes A God
  196. Kalibak (New 52)
  197. Batman On The Mobius Chair
  198. Mister Miracle Meets The Justice League (New 52)
  199. The Anti-Monitor Faces Off With Darkseid
  200. Superman Falls Into An Apokolips Fire Pit
  201. Bat God’s Assessment of Green Lantern
  202. Darkseid VS The Anti-Monitor
  203. Grail VS Kalibak
  204. Corrupted Superman Toys With Lex Luthor
  205. Power Ring Gets In Between Darkseid And Anti-Monitor
  206. Darkseid Summons The Black Racer
  207. The Anti-Monitor Turns The Flash Into Death
  208. The Anti-Monitor And Death Kills Darkseid
  209. Superman Becomes The God Of Strength
  210. The Flash Becomes The God Of Death
  211. Batman Becomes The God Of Knowledge
  212. Shazam Becomes The God Of Gods
  213. Lex Luthor Becomes The God Of Apokolips
  214. Big Barda (New 52)
  215. Big Barda Takes Out Darkseid’s Forces
  216. Big Barda Kisses Mister Miracle
  217. The Crime Syndicate (Justice League 46)
  218. Grail Becomes The Goddess Of Anti-Life
  219. Green Lantern Chilling With Batgod
  220. Superman VS Wonder Woman (Darkseid War)
  221. Volthoom Takes Over Power Ring
  222. Mobius (New 52)
  223. Owlman (New 52)
  224. The Justice League Negotiates With The Crime Syndicate
  225. Wonder Woman, Superman And Batman (Justice League #48)
  226. Green Lantern Corps And Power Ring VS Mobius
  227. Wonder Woman And Superwoman VS Mobius
  228. Ultraman VS Mobius
  229. Lex Luthor (Justice League #48)
  230. Lex Luthor VS Mobius
  231. Superman, Batman And Wonder Woman VS Mobius
  232. Superwoman Gives Birth
  233. Steve Trevor Kills Mobius
  234. Wonder Woman VS Steve Trevor (Darkseid War)
  235. Grail Kills Superwoman (Darkseid War)
  236. Grail Separates The Black Racer From The Flash
  237. How Jessica Cruz Became A Green Lantern
  238. The Justice League And Green Lantern Corps VS Grail (Darkseid War)
  239. How Grail Resurrected Darkseid (Darkseid War)
  240. How Green Lantern Removed Batman From The Mobius Chair
  241. Big Barda And The Furies VS Darkseid (Darkseid War)
  242. Wonder Woman Defeats Grail And Darkseid (Darkseid War)
  243. Lex Luthor’s Apokolips Costume (Darkseid War)
  244. Wonder Woman Has A Twin Brother
  245. Robin (Dick Grayson) Meets The Justice League (New 52)
  246. Robin (Dick Grayson) Impresses Wonder Woman (New 52)
  247. Cyborg Explains What’s It Like To Be In The Justice League
  248. Why Batman Wants Robin To Meet The Justice League (New 52)
  249. How Lex Luthor Handles A Hostage Situation
  250. Lex Luthor As Superman
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