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The Boys VS Stormfront

The Boys VS Stormfront

  I love how it’s men from the UK, US, France and Russia curb stomps the super-powered Nazi Stormfront to […]

Billy Butcher VS Stormfront

Billy Butcher VS Stormfront

  Despite getting the best of Stormfront in their previous encounter, Billy Butcher is simply outpowered and outmatched in their […]

Billy Butcher VS Payback

Billy Butcher VS Payback

  Billy Butcher takes on 4 members of Payback, the equivalent of the Avengers in the Boys universe. He first […]

The Boys VS Payback

The Boys VS Payback

  The Boys are ambushed by Payback, the Avengers equivalent in the Boys universe. From – The Boys #32

The Female VS Stormfront

The Female VS Stormfront

  The Female faces against Stormfront, the 2nd most powerful superhero in the Boys universe, lagging behind the Homelander. I […]

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thor (all new-all different avengers #2)

Why Is Thor A Female

I’m sure that by this time, the news that Thor is now a female has already reached everyone’s ears, or […]

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