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Why Rick Grimes Won’t Kill Negan (The Walking Dead)

why-rick-grimes-wont-kill-negan-the-walking-dead why-rick-grimes-wont-kill-negan-the-walking-dead why-rick-grimes-wont-kill-negan-the-walking-dead

Rick’s logic makes sense, sort of. At this point, the war with Negan’s Saviors is over and a peace was implemented between all communities. Rick kept Negan prisoner for many years despite calls for him to be executed for all the nasty things he did.

From – The Walking Dead #141


  1. Sorry but Negan needed to be cut at his feet and hands, tongue slashed out and tied to a tree in the most Walker infested area and left there! Then community meeting to NEVER talk about the subject of ” Negan” again….

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