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Category: Luke Skywalker

Darth Vader Returns To Tatooine

Darth Vader Returns To Tatooine

    Darth Vader finally returns to Tatooine for the first time since his mother, Shmi Skywalker died at the hands of tusken raiders. After cutting off the hand of […]

Ren Without His Mask

Ren Without His Mask

  Why does Ren look like Magneto without his face mask? From – Star Wars: The Rise Of Kylo Ren #2

Ben Solo Joins Snoke

  So it wasn’t Ben Solo who torched Luke Skywalker’s Jedi Academy. From the looks of it, Snoke is able to do Force Lightning from afar, which is another ridiculous […]

R2-D2 Flies Against Darth Vader

R2-D2 Flies Against Darth Vader

  R2-D2 flying an X-wing with C-3PO against Darth Vader. I’m choosing to believe that if Luke Skywalker and Han Solo hadn’t intervened in the end, Artoo would be space […]

Luke Skywalker Sees Jedha

Luke Skywalker Sees Jedha

Looks like the comics are doing their best to incorporate Rogue One into their continuity. From – Star Wars Vol. 2 #38

Darth Vader Kills Inspector Thanoth

Darth Vader Kills Inspector Thanoth

  Even after being betrayed by Palpatine, Darth Vader refuses to turn on his master. Or is he planning on a different gambit? Quite perplexing why he didn’t take on […]