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Category: Nightwing

Roy Harper's Funeral

Roy Harper’s Funeral

  Roy Harper, also known as Speedy, Arsenal, Red Arrow, and the former sidekick of Green Arrow, dies tragically at the super hero treatment facility known as Sanctuary. Green Arrow […]

Red Hood Buries Batman (DCeased)

Red Hood Buries Batman (DCeased)

  Red Hood drops by the batcave and finds the dead bodies of Batman, Red Robin and Nightwing. He does the only natural thing and buries them himself, even etching […]

Did The Joker Get Inside The Batcave

Did The Joker Get Inside The Batcave

  Batman explains to the Bat family that Joker is bluffing, that he doesn’t know their secret identities or how it’s impossible for Joker to be able to infiltrate the […]

Bruce Wayne Had A Brother (New 52)

Bruce Wayne Had A Brother (New 52)

  Bruce: No. I’d like you to know. There was another Wayne child… I was three when my mother was pregnant with… him. We were in a car accident together. […]

Batman And Nightwing Freefall Contest

Batman And Nightwing Freefall Contest

  Nightwing challenges Batman to a contest of free falling with the loser being the first one to use their grappling hook. I like how Nightwing is able to get […]