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Category: Deadpool

Marcus Johnson VS Deadpool

Marcus Johnson VS Deadpool

  Nick Fury JR. survives a fight against Deadpool when Taskmaster came along and interrupted them. From – Battle Scars #3

Deadpool's Version Of Hell

Deadpool’s Version Of Hell

This may seem silly but it does make sense. Deadpool is funny in situations but if you force him to be funny, it just doesn’t work. From – Weapon X Vol. […]

Weapon X VS Azazel

Weapon X VS Azazel

  Impressive of Azazel to take on the entire X-Force group, but then again they weren’t trying to kill him. From – Weapon X Vol. 3 #25

Deadpool VS Weapon X

Deadpool VS Weapon X

  This fight between Deadpool and Weapon X delivered in so many ways. I particularly liked Deadpool referencing Vanessa from the movies. Poor Monet having her hair burned by napalm […]