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Category: The Vision


The Vision Creates A Synthezoid Dog

The Vision series didn’t take long to get dark and twisted. The Vision’s wife killed the Grim Reaper in a previous issue and buried him in the backyard without the […]


Vision’s Wife Gets Blackmailed

The Vision’s wife killed The Grim Reaper in a previous issue, and this man managed to catch her burying the body in video. From – The Vision Vol. 2 #4


The Vision And Virginia Make Love

I tried googling and I can’t find any definitive answers. I get the sense that Vision doesn’t have the “tools” for the deed. Perhaps they do it with USB cables […]


The Vision’s House

It’s more like a really cool museum! I guess any stuffs Captain America had back in the days are automatically considered historical relics. From – The Vision Vol. 2 #1


The 37 Times The Vision Saved The World

The backtracking and research on this segment is incredible. I haven’t read the adventures of the original Avengers yet but I imagine this is a nice treat for the older […]


The Vision Saved The World 37 Times

Such sass! I love it. Reminds me of the argument Iron Man used on the panel hearing regarding the Superhuman Registration Act. Later on in the series, Vision lists down […]