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Category: Versus

World War Hulk Kills Xemnu

World War Hulk Kills Xemnu

Xemnu tries his hypnotic powers again on the Hulk, but this in turn just triggers the release of World War Hulk, who is immune to Xemnu’s powers. World War Hulk […]

The Boys VS Paralactic

The Boys VS Paralactic

  The Boys easily shred the joke of a super hero team Paralactic, even without Hughie Campbell pitching in. In fact, I think the Frenchman and the Female can take […]

Ben Solo Kills Ren

Ben Solo Kills Ren

  Ben Solo fully turns to the dark side as he kills his first individual, Ren, the leader of the Knights of Ren. After killing him, the Knights of Ren […]

Batman Jim Gordon VS His Batsuit

Batman Jim Gordon VS His Batsuit

Batman Jim Gordon is forced to destroy his batsuit, Rookie, after Mister Bloom took control of it. Jim seems to have an easy time destroying it, or maybe because it’s […]