Homelander welcomes Starlight into the Seven and shows her around their headquarters. Just as she was getting comfortable in her seat at the main table, Homelander tells her she has one final task to perform if she wants to join the team. To Starlight’s horror, Homelander has pulled down his pants and expected her to suck his thing. Horrified, she first thought he was being mind-controlled or is an impostor. She asks for help from A-train and Black Noir but they too, drop their pants and wants her to service them next.

Starlight was about to walk out but Homelander reminded her that she’ll be booted off the team if she does. In the end, she decided to suffer the indignity of sexual harassment in order to join the Seven.

The difference between this scene and in the Amazon TV series is that Homelander is the one who forces himself on Starlight, not the Deep. Then A-train and Black Noir joins in.

From – The Boys #3

2 thoughts on “Homelander Sexually Harasses Starlight”
  1. Started reading the comic myself and it’s even more brutal than the TV show. Can’t help but to feel even more bad for Starlight. Imagine your “heroes” were just the villains the whole time. I thought the show’s Seven was already disgusting but the comic dials it up to even worse levels.

  2. escorts sexual harassed too?
    she had a choice, walk out or sell herself like a prostitute, she choose to prostitute herself, there was no force, there was free choice. Starlight was just too greedy, she chose to swallow all those ” Sea men” because she wanted something….aka prostitution, sex for something else.

    Just because you are ashamed of what you did afte does not mean it was not her choice….same thing with the tens of thousands of female cheaters or regret it afterwards and where some claim it was rape in the hope the cheated boyfriend will stay

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