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A-Train Assaults Starlight

A-Train Assaults Starlight

  A-Train tries to sexually assault Starlight, who then defends herself by a bright flash of light that blinds A-train in one eye. From – The Boys #22

The Seven Bullies Starlight

The Seven Bullies Starlight

  Besides the sexual harassment Starlight endured on her first day with the Seven, she has to put up with these mean pranks from the men. From – The Boys #15

Homelander Kills Queen Maeve

Homelander Kills Queen Maeve

  Homelander confronts Queen Maeve, who’s leaving the Seven along with Starlight, after learning that Maeve’s the spy working for the Boys, planting listening bugs in the Seven’s headquarters. Maeve’s […]

Hughie Campbell Kills A-Train

Hughie Campbell Kills A-Train

  Billy Butcher captured and roughed up the Seven’s speedster, A-Train. He then lets Hughie Campbell confront the man who killed his girlfriend Robin. Billy plays a recording of A-train […]

Homelander Sexually Harasses Starlight

  The difference between this scene and in the Amazon TV series is that Homelander is the one who forces himself on Starlight, not the Deep. Then A-train and Black […]