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5 Major Battles That Cyclops Won

  We all know Cyclops has been the leader of the X-Men for a long time. Heck, it’s sort of ingrained into his personality already. He’s the silent and boring […]

Why Are There 2 Iron Mans?

So what is up with Iron Man? Marvel’s recent event Civil War II has ended and like all other comic mega events, it brings about change in the status quo. […]

thor (all new-all different avengers #2)

Why Is Thor A Female

I’m sure that by this time, the news that Thor is now a female has already reached everyone’s ears, or eyes. It seems to be part of Marvel’s plan to […]

wally west's costume trick with the speed force

Know Your Flashes

The Flash is one of those heroes who’s been around for so long that multiple individuals have taken a turn at carrying the mantle. While it gives the character such […]

superior spider-man issue 11

5 Great Things About Superior Spider-Man

Spider-Man is one of the most recognizable heroes from the Marvel camp and he has entertained us fans for a long time. Whether it’s through comics, movies, or animated series, […]

shazam's new gods

Shazam’s New Gods

DC’s current story arc the Darkseid War is completely changing the status quo of the Justice League. Possibly a nod to the period when Grant Morrison was writing the Justice League in his JLA series […]

marvel star wars 1

History Of Star Wars Comics

Star Wars is arguably one of the most famous and well-known sagas in the planet. I think you would be very hard pressed to find anyone who hasn’t even at […]

What Is A Mini Series

A Miniseries or a Limited Series is kind of similar to a comic series. But a miniseries always has a set limit where in a comic series could go on for […]

What Is A Comic Event

Events can be tricky since they share a lot of characteristics with story arcs. One thing to remember about events is that they’re usually bigger in terms of scope and […]

What Is A Story Arc

A Story Arc or Storyline is pretty much what its name suggests, it’s a story that spans several issues. In the world of comics, it means the hero deals with […]

What Is A Comic Crossover

When you have two different comic series telling the same story simultaneously, this is what we call a Crossover. Let’s use the current Justice League series as an example. It […]

What Is A Comic Series

A Comic Series is usually a comic dedicated to a single character or group which comes out every month. There are some unique cases where an issue comes out twice […]


Comic Terms For Newbies

Have you even been in that situation? You’re talking to someone who’s into comic books or reading a wiki entry of a comic book, and all these unfamiliar words keep […]

Cyclops Was Right

Why Cyclops Was Right

The argument about whether or not Cyclops has completely gone the villain route was already brewing after the events of House of M, when the world’s mutant population was reduced […]

band of brothers

Comic Characters In Band Of Brothers

Who doesn’t love the HBO series Band of Brothers? I read the Stephen Ambrose book after watching the series 10 years ago, and then methodically tracked the other memoirs that […]