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Category: The Hulk

World War Hulk Kills Xemnu

World War Hulk Kills Xemnu

Xemnu tries his hypnotic powers again on the Hulk, but this in turn just triggers the release of World War Hulk, who is immune to Xemnu’s powers. World War Hulk […]

How Xenmu Eats

How Xemnu Eats

  A large mechanical mouth appears on his chest, and his tentacles just grab humans for food. From – The Immortal Hulk #32

World Breaker Hulk (Immortal Hulk #31)

World Breaker Hulk (Immortal Hulk #32)

  Bruce Banner succumbs to the hypnotic powers of Xenmu, and blocks his Hulk persona from coming out. In this scenario, one of his strongest Hulk personalities finally makes an […]

Venom Hulk VS Dark Carnage

Venom Hulk VS Dark Carnage

  The Hulk bonded with the Venom symbiote takes on Dark Carnage, also known as Cletus Kasady, the original Carnage. It was all going well for Venom-Hulk but Dark Carnage […]