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Category: The Boys

Colonel Mallory Kills The Lamplighter

Colonel Mallory Kills The Lamplighter

  The Seven hands over the Lamplighter to the Boys as a sort of compensation, after the Lamplighter killed Colonel Mallory’s granddaughters. Over the liquefied remains of a Delta special […]

Hughie Campbell Breaks Up With Starlight

Hughie Campbell Breaks Up With Starlight

  Hughie Campbell breaks up with Starlight after learning that she’s a superhero who’s part of the Seven, as well as seeing the video of Starlight being sexually harassed by […]

Homelander Kills A Family Of Four

Homelander Kills A Family Of Four

For some reason, among all the heinous and twisted crimes the Homelander did, this really sticks to my mind. Those poor parents helpless at seeing their two kids fall from […]

Why Queen Maeve Is A Spy For The Boys

Why Queen Maeve Is A Spy For The Boys

  Hughie Campbell learns from Billy Butcher that the Boys’s spy, the one who puts in all the hidden cameras and recorders in the Seven’s headquarters, was none other than […]