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Category: Quotes

Venom's Wife Commits Suicide

Venom’s Wife Commits Suicide

    Eddie Brock’s wife, Anne Weying, kills herself after seeing Spider-man in his old symbiote costume swing by. She was experiencing some sort of traumatic disorder after bonding with […]

How Cyclops Came Back To Life

How Cyclops Came Back To Life

  I’m happy with how Marvel brought Cyclops back to life in a believable way. Kid Cable finds a scientist, or engineer, named Paul Douek, whom Cyclops saved 10 years […]


The Flash As Santa Claus

It makes perfect sense that the Flash is Santa Claus: he’s red and white and moves very fast. From – DC Comics Rebirth Holiday Special #1

There Are 3 Jokers

There Are 3 Jokers

  Batman once asked the Mobius chair what the Joker’s real name was. We didn’t get to hear the answer but Batman’s reaction was simply “No.. That’s not possible.” From – […]

Death Of Superman (New 52)

Death Of Superman (New 52)

  From what I can gather, the Superman in black is the Pre-New 52 Superman who’s been transported into the New 52 universe. From – Superman Vol. 3 #52