death of lori and judith grimes death of lori and judith grimes death of lori and judith grimes

From – The Walking Dead #48

32 thoughts on “Death Of Lori And Judith Grimes”
  1. I really wish The Walking Dead TV show would of stuck to the comics, regarding Judith, in the season 4 mid-season finale “Too Far Gone” at the prison battle. Now, as of season 9, the show has a cheap, knock off version of Carl, which is now preteen Judith. I really hope they kill 9 year old TV show Judith off, she’s dead in the comics, she should be dead on the show as well. The ONLY reason TV show Judith is unfortunately still alive, is because, the show was too chicken to kill (then) baby Judith off in season 4, when it was supposed to die, at the prison battle like it did in the comics. Judith dying is the reason why I like the comics A LOT more than the show. The Walking Dead TV show is a lame, toned down version of the comics, they could of killed it off-screen if they thought a baby dying would be too disturbing to viewers.

  2. Out of all time, The Governor is my favorite character, because, at-least, in the comics, he killed Judith. I HATE Judith, always have, always will. The Walking Dead should of always been on a premium channel like HBO, Showtime, etc, where the viewers maybe wouldn’t be as sensitive. AMC is making the show LAME, just because, a few hypersensitive, crybaby snowflakes wouldn’t have been able to handle TV show Judith dying in the season 4 mid-season finale “Too Far Gone”, UNREAL.

  3. Tell me about it, it’s PATHETIC that a COMIC BOOK is more realistic than this stupid The Walking Dead TV show that has NO BALLS. The Walking Dead comics are GREAT, the TV show version is A BIG JOKE.

  4. IF the show doesn’t kill Judith off, then, I hope the show gets cancelled, just because, then, I would want the comics to outlast the show, SRS is right, The Walking Dead TV show is a joke. They have to get some balls and make the bold move by killing Judith off, also, Top 1% is right, Judith is just the cheap knock off version of Carl. If only they had followed the comics when it came to Judith, we would maybe have the REAL Carl, instead of this cheap knock off.

  5. Hopefully, in season 10, they’ll kind of follow the comics, because, Judith is such white trash, she’ll most likely get pregnant at 12 years old. Season 10 should have another four year time skip, which would make 13 year old Judith with a baby son/daughter, someone shoots Judith (just like they did with Lori in the comics), the bullet goes through Judith, then, kills her and her baby, just like in the comics, except that Judith will be a teenage mother, sounds like a great idea.

  6. IF AMC is too chicken to kill Judith off on the show. I’m thinking another idea, they make a better version of The Walking Dead on a PREMIUM CHANNEL, like HBO, and, that version FOLLOW’S THE COMICS EXACTLY TO THE T, because, at-least Judith will die as an infant in that show with Lori, exactly like it did in the comics at the prison battle. A2 also had a good idea, have Judith be the mother and kill her and her infant in the show. For the second half of season 9, have 9 year old Judith, running away, carrying a baby, someone shoots Judith, the bullet goes through Judith and kills her and the baby, just like in the comics, only difference is Judith isn’t the baby.

  7. Everyone commenting has GREAT ideas. With Anonymous3’s idea, as much I HATE THE IDEA of there being a baby on The Walking Dead, I still like it, because, it would still involve Judith’s death. As long as TV show Judith dies, I’m happy, I wouldn’t even care if the baby dies or not, I just want Judith to die, unless if it was Judith’s child, (Judith would have to be at-least a teenager for it to have a baby) if that’s the case, then, I would want them to kill the baby off along with Judith, just like in the comics. The Walking Dead has even killed animals, animals dying would have the same effect of people as if children die. If they can kill an animal (like Shiva), why can’t they kill a young person (like Judith)?

  8. Judith doesn’t have to be a teenager ti have a baby, I honestly wouldn’t put is past 9 year old Judith getting pregnant, she’s TRASH.

    1. I agree with you 100%, but, Judith is still prepubescent, she’s showing no signs of puberty, she physically wouldn’t be able to have conceive, but, I can see where you’re coming from. If Judith was already menstruating and going through puberty, I could see her being pregnant before 10, because, she IS trash. I honestly do hope Judith dies before puberty, her death is in our time, five years, and, in their time MORE than eight years overdue.

      1. I forgot to consider that she would need to go through puberty and be menstruating before she could have a baby, I just want Judith dead, I wasn’t even thinking of that. If they do follow the comics, I hope in season 10, they have a four year time jump, Judith would be 13 with an infant son/daughter, and, then, Judith and her disgusting baby would get Lori and Judith comic death.

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  9. Another good idea I hope will happen, if Michonne did have a child with Rick, the kid would be 5 years old by now, they could do a remix from the comics with 9 year old Judith carrying the kid (5 years old is too big to be carried, but, they do seem to baby kids on this show), someone shoots Judith while holding the kid, Judith falls on top of the kid, Judith dies, however, since the kid would be a 5 year old (not a baby), he/she would be old enough to push the dead Judith off of him/her. That way, Judith dies and Michonne’s 5 year old kid would replace Judith, and, unlike the comics, it wouldn’t involve a baby at all, if people would find that too disturbing.

    1. Sam, that’s a GREAT idea, because, honestly, I don’t even want Judith making it to teenage years, it didn’t even deserve to live as long (in our and their time) as it did. If that idea happened, then, I don’t want to hear those whiny snowflakes complaining, because, unlike the comics, at-least Judith wouldn’t die as a baby and her 5 year old step sibling lives, because, unlike comic book Judith, he/she wouldn’t be a useless infant.

      1. Sam came up with a great idea. They’ve already filmed the season 9 mid-season finale, I was thinking they kill Judith off in the season 9 finale with that idea with someone shooting 9 year old Judith in the back, the bullet doesn’t hit her 5 year old step sibling she’s holding, Judith dies, falls on this kid, like Sam said, the kid would be big enough to push the dead Judith off of him/her, and, then, the season 10 premiere skips ahead ten years, which they could name the episode “10 years later” would feature Rick and Michonne’s biological kid being 15 years old, which would also include the latest generation of 17 year old Hershel, 18 year old Grace, 28 year old Henry, maybe, if by some CRAZY chance Carl never died, because, he did “die” off-screen, he could come back as a 32 year old man, and, best of all, by that point, Judith would be dead longer than she’s been alive, and, NO BABIES, the 15 year old kid should be the youngest character.

  10. SRS, I’m loving your thinking, because, for a show like TWD, all the characters should be adults, 20-somethings, and, teenagers.

  11. SRS actually has the best idea of all, The Walking Dead TV show would be win-win for everyone if 9 year old Judith dies in the season 9 finale, similar to the comics, except that Judith would be the person fleeing and being shot in the back while carrying her 5 year old step sibling, not the baby or little kid being carried, Judith would like comic book Lori and the 5 year old kid would be like comic book Judith, difference is it’s a 5 year old, not a baby and the 5 year old lives, because, it would be strong enough to push the dead Judith off, then, season 10 has a decade time skip, naming the episode “10 years later” and it would all focus on Rick and Michonne’s 15 year old son/daughter, 17 year old Hershel, 18 year old Grace, 28 year old Henry, and, maybe even 32 year old Carl if he never died, because, SRS has a good point, he could have left open-ended, because, he “shot himself” off-screen and it’s a little weird that he “died” without knowing Judith is not really his sister. Another time skip of ten years would make it twenty years in to the zombie apocalypse and Judith would be LONG dead by this point.

  12. Forgot to mention, Sam and SRS are right, NO BABIES, they’re whiny little brat’s who shouldn’t be on a show like The Walking Dead. Don’t get any of the girls pregnant after the ten year time skip, I also want the youngest character to be Rick and Michonne’s biological teenage kid.

  13. Everyone has great ideas. I wrote The Walking Dead and AMC, convincing them to take these ideas. These ideas would be the ONLY way I’ll give them another chance, because, I’ve been writing them for two and a half years, begging, BEGGING for them to kill Judith off, thinking the season 9 mid-season finale is the MAKE OR BREAK for me and it ALL depends on if Judith dies or not, if it dies, then, everything is golden, but, if not, I’ll NEVER watch The Walking Dead or AMC again.

  14. I write them everyday, asking for them to kill TV show Judith off. I have another great idea on how TV show Judith could die. Since Judith never seemed to get really sick, even as a newborn, season 10 skips ahead 20 years, which would make Judith 29 years old, then, it dies of a childhood illness such as pertussis, chicken pox, etc, because, she never got those illnesses when she was younger, in the long term, that would make her immune system very weak.

  15. Sam, that’s a good idea, 29 year old Judith could catch pertussis or chicken pox from her GRANDCHILD, because, Judith is such white trash, she’ll be a grandma in her 20’s, she’ll have a kid at 13, then, her kid would have a kid at 13.

  16. I like that idea, but, Judith doesn’t deserve to live to her late 20’s, she doesn’t even deserve to live for 9 years, if it were up to me, Judith would have been dead as a baby in the season 4 mid-season finale “Too Far Gone”, at the prison battle, just like in the comics, TV show Judith was still older at that point than she was in the comics, comic book Judith was a newborn and TV show Judith was already about 6 – 8 months old in season 4, there’s no way TV show Judith was a newborn at that point, she had to be at-least 6 months old.

  17. I didn’t watch the show, because, they;re NOT getting my rating until Judith dies, but, I did look up recaps, it’s confirmed Michonne had a child with Rick, it’s a 5 year old boy, called Rick Jr. I also wrote them, asking for them to do the idea in the season 9 finale that someone shoots a fleeing, 9 year old Judith in the back while she’s carrying Rick Jr., TV show Judith would take comic book Lori’s place and TV show Rick Jr. would take comic book Judith’s place, except the bullet only hits Judith and misses Rick Jr., a dead Judith will fall on top of him, however, since he’s not a baby, unlike comic book Judith was, he’ll be strong enough to push the dead Judith off of him. Season 10 has a ten year time skip, naming the episode “10 years later”, which would feature Rick Jr. as a teenager, along with 17 year old Hershel, 18 year old Grace, the two 18 year old kids at the hilltop, 28 year old Lydia, 28 year old Henry, 28 – 30 year old Rachel, and, the other characters like Negan, Carol, Michonne, Daryl would all be middle-aged to older adults, plus, Carl could come back as a young man to meet his 15 year old half-brother for the first time. I also asked for no babies or little kids, 15 year old Rick Jr. should be the youngest character. At this point, Judith would be dead longer than she’s been alive.

  18. I also wanted to mention, Judith is such a borderline retard (IQ probably 70, right at the cutoff for mental retardation), she doesn’t even remember Carl OR Rick, she wasn’t an infant when Carl died and Rick disappeared. Judith is so stupid, it’s not even funny, she”s the dumbest idiot EVER. Judith was old enough to remember Carl and especially Rick, because, she was even older when Rick disappeared, she was already a toddler when Carl died and preschool-aged when Rick disappeared, what a moron Judith is.

  19. I can’t stomach some of these snowflakes on YouTube who feel bad that Judith doesn’t remember Carl or Rick, ugh, what are they, 12?

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  21. Eden, go the fuck away, you teenage troll. I could have children who are older than you, so, shut the fuck up. That’s right, fuckin Judith should have died as a fuckin baby in the show and I STILL hope it dies. Fuckin Judith deserved to die in the comics. The Walking Dead TV shows are pussies, just like you.

  22. Sam, and the anons are genuinely disgusting to even say 9 year old should get pregenat and die just cuase you dont like how the story is going, there would be no way for a child to consent to sex at said age. which would mean rape, please get help you all sound pedophilic.

  23. The hatred you posses for this fictional character is beyond the comic and show itself, it mainly seems like a personal problem.

  24. constantly mentioning she’s white trash as if Daryl and merle weren’t the stereotypical ” white trash” “29 year old Judith could catch pertussis or chicken pox from her GRANDCHILD, because, Judith is such white trash” (TOP 1%) “I also asked for no babies or little kids, 15 year old Rick Jr. should be the youngest character. ” as if your input would change anything, stop acting like little trolls just because your wittle fewwing about a comic is inaccurate.

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