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Tag: dc comics

Harley Quinn VS Punchline

Harley Quinn VS Punchline

  Not really a fair fight between Harley Quinn and the Joker’s newest partner, Punchline. The latter had goons helping her, which in the end allowed her to win the […]

Black Adam Killing Civilians (DCeased)

Black Adam Killing Civilians (DCeased)

  Black Adam clears Kahndaq of all those infected with the Anti-life equation virus, even if civilians were killed. That line right there…. “Speed was more critical than mercy.” From […]

Anti-Life Army (Dceased)

Anti-Life Army (Dceased)

  From the silhouettes, I can only make out Black Adam, Black Manta and Hawkman. From – DCeased: Hope At World’s End #1

Shazam VS Scarecrow (Rebirth)

Shazam VS Scarecrow (Rebirth)

Of course, of all Batman villains that could be thrown against Shazam, DC chose Scarecrow because his fear toxin could affect him. Another realistic foe is Poison Ivy with her […]