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Tag: Green Lantern

Black Canary Disbands The Justice League

Black Canary Disbands The Justice League

  Before the New 52, Black Canary was voted in as the Justice League’s chairwoman, their de-facto leader. When Batman died, Green Lantern decided that the League wasn’t pro-active enough […]

Justice League VS The Shadow Cabinet

Justice League VS The Shadow Cabinet

  The Justice League easily beats the Shadow Cabinet here, even without Superman, who’s actually staging the fight along with Icon, the Shadow Cabinet’s leader, for some unknown purpose. Love […]

Roy Harper's Funeral

Roy Harper’s Funeral

  Roy Harper, also known as Speedy, Arsenal, Red Arrow, and the former sidekick of Green Arrow, dies tragically at the super hero treatment facility known as Sanctuary. Green Arrow […]

Hal Jordan VS Phantom Lantern Cyborg-Superman

Hal Jordan VS Phantom Lantern Cyborg-Superman

  Green Lantern Hal Jordan fights Cyborg-Superman wielding a Phantom Ring in Coast City. Fight is inconclusive since Cyborg-Superman escapes before a true winner is declared. Also, Hal Jordan calls […]