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Category: Cyclops

Cyclops And Wolverine Reunited

Cyclops And Wolverine Reunited

  Cyclops and Wolverine, both recently back from the dead, were at odds against one another before they died. This all happened during the Schism event, and ultimately led to […]

Professor X Married Mystique

Professor X Married Mystique

  Well that’s quite a revelation. At some point in the past Professor X married Mystique. Why? From – Uncanny X-Men Vol. 3 #24

From – Uncanny X-Men Vol. 3 #22

Cyclops Kills Dark Beast

  Cyclops accidentally kills Dark Beast when his optic blast shatters the latter’s suit, which was the only thing keeping him alive. From – Uncanny X-Men Vol. 3 #22

Hijack Saves The X-Men

Hijack Saves The X-Men

  The X-men were almost definitely about to be wiped out here, with sentinels and SHIELD helicarriers gunning for them. It was only because of Hijack, whose mutant power is […]

How Cyclops Came Back To Life

How Cyclops Came Back To Life

  I’m happy with how Marvel brought Cyclops back to life in a believable way. Kid Cable finds a scientist, or engineer, named Paul Douek, whom Cyclops saved 10 years […]

Cyclops VS Professor Tierney Tavin

Cyclops VS Professor Tierney Tavin

  Cyclops saves an entire class from a mad scientist, or professor, operating a robot. One of the students, Paul Douek, would later invent the Phoenix cage that brings Cyclops […]

Cyclops Is Alive (Extermination)

Cyclops Is Alive (Extermination)

  Cyclops is finally back from the dead. The story of how he came back to life is probably going to be explored in the next Uncanny X-Men series Marvel […]