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Category: Gambit

All New Wolverine Kills Kimura

All New Wolverine Kills Kimura

Fun fact! Wolverine can also be killed by drowning! If you’re wondering why Wolverine is wearing an Iron Man armor, click here. From – All New Wolverine #18

Gambit VS Fantomex (Civil War II)

Gambit VS Fantomex (Civil War II)

One’s a Cajun and one has a decidedly confusing upbringing but has a French accent. Both are thieves and have mind altering powers. Pretty even fight! From – Civil War […]

Deadpool VS Gambit

Deadpool VS Gambit

  Deadpool and Gambit pulled of a diamond heist earlier in this comic while wearing Daredevil and Spider-man costumes. From – Deadpool VS Gambit #1

cyclops's mutant revolution

Cyclops’s Mutant Revolution

Cyclops’ threat of a mutant revolution came down to this… a peaceful demonstration of all mutants in front of the Capitol building. From – Uncanny X-Men Vol. 1 #600

age of apocalypse x-men

Age Of Apocalypse X-Men

By the time Uncanny X-Force came to the Age of Apocalypse timeline, these were the only remaining members of the X-men. – Uncanny X-Force Vol. 1 #12