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Category: Hope Summers

wolverine kills crimson commando

Wolverine Kills The Crimson Commando

  Despite the mutants being endangered, Wolverine had no problems capping Crimson Commando off. At least I think he did kill him. After all, Crimson Commando has not made any […]

crimson commando tortures hope summers

The Crimson Commando Tortures Hope Summers

We’re used to seeing Wolverine, X-23 or Deadpool heal from grievous injuries. But there’s really something different when you see others get hurt despite knowing that they’ll never die, or […]

Why Wolverine Avoids Hope Summers

Why Wolverine Avoids Hope Summers

  At the end of the Second Coming story arc, Emma Frost had a vision where Hope Summers was engulfed in the flames of the Phoenix. Naturally, Wolverine is not […]