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Category: Kitty Pryde


5 Major Battles That Cyclops Won

  We all know Cyclops has been the leader of the X-Men for a long time. Heck, it’s sort of ingrained into his personality already. He’s the silent and boring […]

how kitty pryde became tangible again

How Kitty Pryde Became Tangible Again

During the Astonishing X-Men series, Kitty Pryde saved the world by bonding herself with Breakworld’s giant bullet which was on its way to Earth. She made the entire thing become […]

Wolverine VS Kruun

Wolverine VS Kruun

“Quit with the posturing. The stink of what you’ve been doing is all over you. You’re torturing my friends. Summers, too.” I think that tells us what Scott Summers’ place […]

Kruun VS Colossus (Utopia)

Kruun VS Colossus (Utopia)

If you’re wondering why Colossus won’t armor up, it’s because Kruun hit him with a syringe full of the mutant cure. It’s only temporary though and Colossus retained his powers […]

kruun confronts the x-men

Kruun Confronts The X-Men

  Psylocke’s deadpan “Thanks” to Doctor Nemesis’ outburst was hilarious. From – Uncanny X-Men Vol. 1 #538