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Batman's Team VS Amazo (Injustice II)

Batman’s Team VS Amazo (Injustice II)

  They’re really writing Amazo to be unstoppable here in the Injustice universe. Granted, Batman’s team isn’t the Justice League, but they still have some heavy hitters. From – Injustice 2 […]

Amazo VS Gorilla Grodd (Injustice II)

Amazo VS Gorilla Grodd (Injustice II)

  I am fine with how quick the fight ended, because it’s AMAZO! Not only is Gorilla Grodd’s mental powers useless here, but Amazo’s other powers easily beats Grodd. The […]

Amazo Kills General Zod (Injustice II)

Amazo Kills General Zod (Injustice II)

WHAT. THE. F?????? Amazo just ripped General Zod’s head like it was putty! It didn’t even pay any attention to Batman, as if saying “I can kill you anytime I […]

Amazo (Injustice II)

Amazo (Injustice II)

Adding Amazo into the Injustice game does make sense. He’s the character who’s gonna be able to copy his opponents moves. From – Injustice 2 #24

Cyborg's New Enemy

Cyborg’s New Enemy

This guy doesn’t have an official name yet, I checked the DC wikia and DC comics page. All we know is he looks like Cyborg’s dad, Silas Stone. Will have […]

the bug in cyborg's boom tube

The Bug In Cyborg’s Boom Tube

Aside from being the Justice League’s walking computer, Cyborg’s boom tube also serves as the group’s primary transportation. – Justice League Vol 2 #8

power ring's new trainer

Power Ring’s New Trainer

Green Lantern left the Justice League awhile back after taking the blame for negative press the Justice League was getting shortly after defeating Graves. – Justice League Vol 2 #39