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Teen Titans Of Tomorrow (Rebirth)

Titans Of Tomorrow (Rebirth)

  Happy to see these guys again. I love their story arc back when Geoff Johns was writing Teen Titans. From – Super Sons #11

wally west's costume trick with the speed force

Know Your Flashes

The Flash is one of those heroes who’s been around for so long that multiple individuals have taken a turn at carrying the mantle. While it gives the character such […]

batman welcomes hal jordan back

Batman Welcomes Hal Jordan Back

What I like about this is the Justice League simply lets Batman be the bad cop. They all hang back and let him deal with Hal Jordan to see if […]

funeral of kid flash and beast boy

Funeral Of Kid Flash And Beast Boy

I believe this is the first appearance of Red Arrow in the Injustice universe. I’ve always been curious what his role would be after what happened to Green Arrow. – […]