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Wing Dies Inside The Danger Room

Wing Dies Inside The Danger Room

I’m not as well versed in the 90’s issues of the X-Men, but this is the first time I’ve read that someone dies inside the Danger Room. Hurt, or injured, […]

danger's first appearance

Danger’s First Appearance

This is the first time the Danger room manifested into its humanoid shape. Danger, as it preferred to be called, soon became an ally of the X-Men. – Astonishing X-Men […]

uncanny x-men volume 2

What Is The Extinction Team?

Quick background info: The Scarlet Witch just decimated mutantdom by stripping 99% of their powers in an event known in the Marvel universe as M-Day, leaving only less than 200 […]

uncanny x-men volume 2

Uncanny X-Men Volume 2

After ending the long running Volume 1, Uncanny X-Men Volume 2 features Cyclops and his Extinction Team from the island nation of Utopia. Leading what could possible be a group […]

Wolverine Can Speak Japanese

Armor: *It’s really shameful that a killer gorilla passes as teacher here. Wolverine: *Since you do nothing but complain, aren’t you shaming your ancestors? Armor: I’m never gonna make X-man. […]