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Harley Quinn First Crisis

Harley Quinn First Crisis

  Harley Quinn spends thanksgiving with the Justice League and Justice Society of America. From – Harley Quinn Vol. 3 #67

Firestorm Kills Martian Manhunter (DCeased)

Firestorm Kills Martian Manhunter (DCeased)

  A zombified Martian Manhunter starts attacking every hero, and Lex Luthor, inside the Fortress of Solitude. He managed to kill Luthor, and infected the Flash, before Firestorm killed him […]

Firestorm Cures A Kid He Turned Into Salt

Firestorm Cures A Kid He Turned Into Salt

  I like how Superman is written here. Judging from his interaction with Firestorm, they don’t seem to have a lot of shared adventures together, with Martin Stein seemingly distrusting […]

Guy Gardner Punches Doctor Manhattan

Guy Gardner Punches Doctor Manhattan

  Not the least surprised that Green Lantern Guy Gardner threw the first punch, or even chose a punch as his mode of attack. What’s troubling though is his casual […]

batman vs the justice league (superbat)

Batman VS The Justice League (Superbat)

This occurred during the “Superbat” storyline in the Superman – Batman comic series. Batman gained Superman’s powers after an attack by Silver Banshee. From – Superman/Batman #55