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Jason VS The Deep Six

Jason VS The Deep Six

  Wonder Woman’s twin brother, Jason, fights the entire Deep Six, and meets Grail for the first time. From – Wonder Woman Vol. 5 #42

Zeus (Wonder Woman Vol. 5 #36)

Zeus (Wonder Woman Vol. 5 #36)

  Okay I am hyped now for the next issue. Zeus was pretending to the Wonder Woman’s lawyer all this time! Can’t wait to see an old god battle a […]

Wonder Woman VS Darkseid (Rebirth)

Wonder Woman VS Darkseid (Rebirth)

  Even a powered down Darkseid is still too much for Wonder Woman. Or is it because Grail and Jason are there to back him up that he bested Wonder […]

Grail Kills The Bastards Of Zeus

Grail Kills The Bastards Of Zeus

I don’t recognize any of these demigods. I wonder if Grail is a match of some of the actual gods that Zeus fathered, like Apollo or Ares. That last demigod […]

Grail VS The Atomic Knights

Grail VS The Atomic Knights

Grail, the daughter of Darkseid and Amazon Myrina Black, once fought the entire Justice League on her own. What did the Atomic Knights and their jetpacks hoped to achieve here? […]