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Tag: inhumans


Storm Takes Out Beast (IVX)

Beast, as usual, proves to be a traitor to his kind. Good to see at least that the usual neutral Storm is the one who takes him out. From – […]


Inhumans VS X-Men

Inhumans VS X-Men is a Marvel Comics event that pits the Inhumans against the X-Men due to the former’s holy Terrigen mists prove to be fatal to the mutants. When […]


Cyclops’s Funeral

  Strange why he was buried in Muir Island, I sorta thought he’d be buried with the other X-men in Westchester like the other fallen X-men. That epitaph though… From […]


Black Bolt Kills Cyclops

So much jumbled feelings for this. I knew he was gonna die — that was the whole premise of this mini series after all. I had a bad feeling that […]