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Tag: injustice

superman breaking bad

The Joker Unleashing Superman

Joker: Someone took it all away from you once too, didn’t they, Bats? And look what you became–An all-punching all-kicking little ball of angst. What do you think Superman will […]

superman is easy

Batman Interrogates The Joker

Batman: Why? Joker: Why? You need a reason? It’s probably the same reason I beat that puppy to death with a kitten last week. When the howling and meowing stops, […]

superman kills lois lane

Death of Lois Lane

Batman: Superman. Stop! Whatever you’re seeing—-it isn’t real! Joker: Did you know she was pregnant? Batman: It’s Lois! – Injustice Gods Among Us #03

flash carrying batman

When Batman Doesn’t Have The Batmobile

Joker: Batsy! Wait a minute. Did Flash carry you here? Ha! Putting fear in the hearts of criminals…While his bright red friend carries him through the night! – Injustice Gods […]


Injustice: Gods Among Us

For the next few days, I’ll be featuring posts from the ongoing comic series Injustice: Gods Among Us. It’s set in an alternate DC universe where the premise is Superman […]

how to make batman smile

How To Make Batman Smile

Superman: We want you to be the godfather. Hey, look at that, “the world’s greatest detective” is surprised. I heard its heartbeat Bruce. – Injustice Gods Among Us #01

lois lane pregnant

You Can’t Surprise Batman

Superman: I have news. Batman: Lois is pregnant. Superman: How did you–? Batman: You’re sweating, your pupils are dilated and your left hand is shaking. You don’t usually show any […]