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Jan-Al Becomes A Green Lantern

Jan-Al Becomes A Green Lantern

The 7th individual that makes up the first 7 Green Lanterns is a Kryptonian. Not under a yellow sun though, but a religious fanatic. The others are Alitha, Z’kran Z’rann, Kaja Dox, Tyran’r, Calleen and […]


Superman VS The Eradicator (Rebirth)

The Eradicator previously absorbed the life force of Krypto. He did the same thing to Superman but it allowed the Man of Steel to make contact with life forces of […]

How Superman Escaped The Eradicator (Rebirth)

How Superman Escaped The Eradicator (Rebirth)

  The Eradicator has this ability to absorb living things and seemingly use them to get stronger. He absorbed Krypto in the previous issue and just recently, Superman as well. But Superman […]