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Thomas Wayne Kills Joe Chill

Thomas Wayne Kills Joe Chill

  In his Earth, Thomas Wayne kills Joe Chill by beating him to a pulp using a stone from a dark alley. From – Batman Vol. 3 #84

Batman VS Batman Thomas Wayne

Batman VS Batman Thomas Wayne

I like to think that Bruce Wayne simply accompanied his father to the Lazarus pit without ever really intending for him to resurrect his mother. Batman just wanted to see […]

Booster Gold's Wedding Gift To Batman

Booster Gold’s Wedding Gift To Batman

Booster Gold’s referring to the time Superman was trapped inside the dream made by the black mercy. Kinda irresponsible of Booster to change the time for Batman even if they […]

Batman VS Bane (Rebirth)

Batman VS Bane (Rebirth)

After enduring a massive beatdown, Batman beats Bane by a head butt. I feel cheated. From – Batman Vol. 3 #20