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Weapon X Vol. 3 #4

Weapon X Vol. 3 #4

  Why not just name the series X-Force and be done with it. From – Weapon X Vol. 3 #4


Storm Takes Out Beast (IVX)

Beast, as usual, proves to be a traitor to his kind. Good to see at least that the usual neutral Storm is the one who takes him out. From – […]


All New Wolverine VS Old Man Logan

I’ve always thought Laura (All New Wolverine) knew Gabrielle had bone claws and a healing factor. She’s her clone after all. So why the surprise? To give context on this […]

Old Man Logan Stabs Gabrielle

Old Man Logan Stabs Gabrielle

  The Inhuman Ulysses predicted that Old Man Logan would kill Gabrielle, Wolverine’s protege or ward or whatever their relationship is. We have to wait until the next issue if […]