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Shazam VS Scarecrow (Rebirth)

Shazam VS Scarecrow (Rebirth)

Of course, of all Batman villains that could be thrown against Shazam, DC chose Scarecrow because his fear toxin could affect him. Another realistic foe is Poison Ivy with her […]

Batman's Life Advice To Shazam 1

Batman’s Life Advice To Shazam

  I get the feeling that if it was any other super hero who intruded into Gotham city, Batman would have tore them a new one. But knowing that Shazam […]

The Citizen VS Green Arrow

The Citizen VS Green Arrow

  Green Arrow finds out where the Citizen lives and sneaks inside his home. A fight ensues between the two and for awhile, the Citizen holds himself well against Green […]

The Citizen Captures Oliver Queen

The Citizen Captures Oliver Queen

  The Citizen kidnaps Oliver Queen and puts him through his public court using social media. Queen is then rescued by Black Canary disguised as Green Arrow. From – Green […]