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Tag: selina kyle

The Joker Kills The Designer

The Joker Kills The Designer

  The Designer sounds like an ultra planner. I like the explanation of how he would help the villains outwit Batman: by going 10 levels ahead of their normal heists […]

Batman Defeats Flashpoint Batman

Batman Defeats Flashpoint Batman

  And we finally have an ending to this whole Flashpoint Batman crap. Shame though, he really started out as someone awesome and badass. I still don’t get why he […]

Batman And Catwoman VS Bane (Rebirth)

Batman And Catwoman VS Bane (Rebirth)

  Batman and Catwoman working together against Bane. Batman was about to break Bane’s back when his father from the Flashpoint universe, or Earth, intervenes and shoots them both. From […]