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The Green Lanterns Discover The Foundry

The Green Lanterns Discover The Foundry

  The Foundry, located directly under the Green Lantern Corps Central Battery, is where the Guardians of the Universe forged the Green Lantern rings, as well as creating the Manhunters. […]

Why You Don't Mess With Kyle Rayner

Why You Don’t Mess With Kyle Rayner

  You’re talking to a guy who went toe-to-toe with your master… who beat Parallax… who mopped the floor with everyone from Mongul to Oblivion. You still want a piece? […]

Kyle Rayner And Sinestro Fist Fight

Kyle Rayner And Sinestro Fist Fight

Green Lantern Kyle Rayner didn’t goof around during his time in the Justice League. I bet Batman put everyone through the ringer, training them how to fight. Sinestro sure did […]