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Goldballs Goes Viral On The Internet

Goldballs Goes Viral On The Internet

  Damn it Bendis, stop pushing Goldballs already. His mutant powers is stupid! It’s like you asked yourself “what could be more lamer than Jubilee’s fireworks mutant power” and came […]

The X-Men VS Animax

The X-Men VS Animax

  They might not be the X-Men but they’re using X-Men costumes and equipment, so that makes them X-Men. How in the world are the Stepford Cuckoos using their psychic […]

Dazzler Gets Her Revenger On Mystique

Dazzler Gets Her Revenge On Mystique

  Mystique once drugged and kept Dazzler in a coma, using her genes to make up the mutant hormone drug, as well as impersonate her within SHIELD and taking over […]