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Superior Octopus VS Count Nefaria

Superior Octopus VS Count Nefaria

  Of course, Otto Octavius would threaten an innocent kid just to win a fight. It could have been a bluff, or not, but I bet my life Spider-Man wouldn’t […]

Death Of Spider-Man Noir

Death Of Spider-Man Noir

  I almost typed that Morlun killed Spider-Man Noir, but in the end Spider-Man Noir shot his own grenade in an attempt to take out Morlun. Had he not done […]

My Superior Octopus #1

  I absolutely love the Superior Spider-Man series, so I was ecstatic to see a reformed Doctor Octopus, now going by Superior Octopus, having his own series and protecting San […]

Why The Superior Octopus Is Immortal

Why The Superior Octopus Is Immortal

  Using cloning and personality transfer technology from the Inheritors, the Superior Octopus can easily keep himself alive for a long time. From – The Superior Octopus #1

Superior Octopus VS The Night Shift

Superior Octopus VS The Night Shift

  Rather than beating them up and throwing them into jail, where they’ll eventually escape from, Superior Octopus’ way of hiring them instead is brilliant. That “so are we good […]