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Cyborg’s Robot Named Rover (Earth 1)

  Cyborg’s powers came out differently in Earth 1. His metal part started covering his entire body, not just some select parts like in Prime Earth. Soon he had trouble […]

The Titans Are Made From A Lab (Earth 1)

  Impulse Wally West discovers the hidden lab within Starlabs where all the Titans, him, Wonder Girl and Kole’s dead iterations are kept. They learned that they were all created […]

Teen Titans VS Titans (Earth 1)

Teen Titans VS Titans (Earth 1)

The three Titans, Impulse, Wonder Girl and Kole, are able to easily defeat their untrained counterparts. From – Teen Titans – Earth 1 Vol. 2

Tempest Becomes A Zombie (DCeased)

Tempest Becomes A Zombie (DCeased)

Aquaman did not escape the zombie attack from the last issue, and succumbs to the infection and becomes a zombie. He then leads an attack on Atlantis and turns Tempest […]

Mera Recruits Tempest

Mera Recruits Tempest (Rebirth)

A Titans cameo in Aquaman! Tempest revealed on a previous Titan issue that he was trained in the arts of the Silent School, a group of sorcerers from Atlantis. From […]