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Tag: The Batman Who Laughs

The Blue Beetle Who Laughs

The Blue Beetle Who Laughs

  Jaime Reyes the Blue Beetle turns out to be the 4th hero that the Batman Who Laughs has infected. From – Batman / Superman Vol. 2 #3

The Superman Who Laughs 1

The Superman Who Laughs

  In order to trick the Batman Who Laughs, Superman decided to go undercover. If he really did infect himself with the Joker venom to turn into the Superman Who […]

The Shazam Who Laughs

The Shazam Who Laughs

  The Batman Who Laughs turned Billy Batson into the Shazam Who Laughs. From – Batman / Superman Vol. 2 #1

My The Batman Who Laughs #5

  Losing interest at the slow pace of this mini series, but I’ve come all this way, so might as well complete the whole set.

My The Batman Who Laughs #2

  Another twisted evil Batman from a different dimension is introduced here, the Grim Knight. It’s like a the Punisher being combined with Batman, who used all resources of Wayne […]