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The Avengers (The Punisher Vol 1 #225)

The Avengers (The Punisher Vol. 1 #225)

Not all of them are part of the Avengers though. From what I know it’s Spider-Man, Hercules, Luke Cage, Spider-Woman, Captain Marvel and Spider-Woman. From – The Punisher Vol. 1 […]

The Punisher (War Machine) VS The Avengers

The Punisher (War Machine) VS The Avengers

  Not just the Punisher going against the Avengers. How about adding The Thing, Spider-Woman, USA Agent, Captain Marvel, Beast, Cannonball, Daisy Johnson, Tigra and the Falcon. He may have […]

iron man is a sellout

The Falcon On Iron Man Selling Out

Captain America: Did you sign it Sam? Please tell me you– The Falcon: The registration thing? Are you insane? What’s wrong with you? Captain America: Sorry. Just making sure. I’ve […]

avengers recruitment

How The Avengers Recruit Heroes

Iron Man: We have beer. Wolverine: Sold. Iron Man: We have money. Spider-Man: Oh, thank God. Iron Man: I dunno… Birdseed? The Falcon: Phhst. – Avengers Vol. 5 #2