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wolverine vs cyclops (schism)

Wolverine VS Cyclops (Schism)

Wolverine is holding a detonator that would blow the whole island of Utopia. Locked in a standoff with Cyclops, Wolverine wants all of the students to evacuate while Cyclops wanted […]



Schism is a Marvel Comics crossover story line published in 2011 which had a core mini series of 5 issues and crosses over with the Generation Hope comic series. The […]

wolverine's room in utopia

Wolverine’s Room In Utopia

Wolverine having a really spartan room with just a few important things really looks right, at least for me. I just don’t seem him as the type to hoard or […]

cavern x

Cavern X

I guess you can call this X-Force’s own Batcave. – Uncanny X-Force Vol. 1 #2

Cyclops Was Right

Why Cyclops Was Right

The argument about whether or not Cyclops has completely gone the villain route was already brewing after the events of House of M, when the world’s mutant population was reduced […]