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Dylan Brock Venom T-Rex VS Carnage

Dylan Brock Venom T-Rex VS Carnage

Dylan Brock uses his yet unexplained symbiote codex powers and takes control of the Venom symbiote, turning it into a giant t-rex to battle the Carnage symbiote, currently controlling a […]

Eddie Brock Cauterizes His Wrist

Eddie Brock Cauterizes His Wrist

Or maybe it’s his forearm? Eddie Brock chopped his hand off in the previous issue when it was taken controlled of by the Carnage symbiote. From – Venom Vol. 4 […]

Dylan Brock Creates A Venom T-Rex

Dylan Brock Creates A Venom T-Rex

  With his codex powers, Dylan Brock connects to the symbiote hive mind and is able to remote control the Venom symbiote even though it was hundreds of miles away […]

Eddie Brock Chops Off His Hand

Eddie Brock Chops Off His Hand

  Eddie Brock goes all Arnold Schwarzenegger Predator style on the Carnage symbiote, which at the time was also taking his Venom symbiote hostage. With his hand caught by the […]

Why The Venom Symbiote Keeps Reproducing

  Yes. In the past, it was generally accepted that the symbiote species reproduced asexually and free of any apparent pattern. That they spawned almost… at random. However, through my […]

Eddie Brock Is Invited To Join The Avengers

  Eddie Brock Venom is invited to Avengers Mountain and meets the current iteration of the Avengers: Captain America, Ghost Rider, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Blade, Thor, Iron Man and […]

Venom Kills Dark Carnage

  Venom is given no choice by Dark Carnage: either Dark Carnage kills his son Dylan and completes the codices to awaken Knull, or kill Dark Carnage but combines his […]