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why bishop hates the mutant messiah

Why Bishop Hates The Mutant Messiah

The Mutant Messiah turned out to be Hope Summers, who with the help from the Phoenix and the Scarlet Witch, brought back mutants into the world. – X-Factor Vol. 3 […]

spiderman banters with ronin

Spider-Man Banters With Ronin

Clint Barton, known as Hawkeye, came back to life after being killed by the Scarlet Witch. While still finding his way to his former life, he donned the costume of […]

the new avengers volume 1

New Avengers Volume 1

The New Avengers was a new series that chronicled the adventures of the assorted superheroes gathered by Captain America to take the place of the disbanded Avengers. 6 months prior […]

uncanny x-men volume 2

What Is The Extinction Team?

Quick background info: The Scarlet Witch just decimated mutantdom by stripping 99% of their powers in an event known in the Marvel universe as M-Day, leaving only less than 200 […]