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Star Wars: Darth Vader

This series is among the first stories told in the Galaxy far far away after Marvel bought out the Star Wars franchise from George Lucas. It means that all of the previous works done by Dark Horse Comics are no longer considered part of the official stories, and moving forward any new issues churned out by Marvel are part of the official canon story line.


Star Wars Darth Vader Vol 1 1

A complete list of all Star Wars: Darth Vader posts in chronological order.

  1. Darth Vader Meets With Jabba The Hutt
  2. When Jabba The Hutt Called Darth Vader A Jedi
  3. Triple Zero And BT-1 
  4. Triple Zero And BT-1 VS Geonosian Droids
  5. Darth Vader VS Geonosian Queen
  6. Cylo-IV’s Secret Base
  7. Darth Vader Attacks Cylo-IV’s Secret Base
  8. Darth Vader VS Aiolin And Morit
  9. Tulon Voidgazer
  10. Commander Karbin
  11. Palpatine Reminds Darth Vader Of The Ways Of The Sith
  12. Darth Vader Learns Luke Is His Son
  13. Darth Vader Shots Down A Y-wing With A Lightsaber
  14. Commander Karbin (Darth Vader #12)
  15. Darth Vader Slaughtering Rebel Soldiers
  16. How Triple Zero Ambushed Luke Skywalker
  17. Darth Vader And Princess Leia (Darth Vader #14)
  18. Commander Karbin (Darth Vader #14)
  19. Darth Vader VS Commander Karbin
  20. How C-3PO Took Down Black Krrsantan
  21. What Darth Vader Did To Commander Karbin’s Corpse   16
  22. How Darth Vader Prevents Future Rebellion
  23. Darth Vader’s Bounty On Doctor Aphra
  24. Darth Vader (Darth Vader #18)
  25. Morit Betrays Aiolin
  26. Darth Vader Shows Mercy To Aiolin
  27. Queen Trios Ends The Shu-Torun War
  28. The Executor (Darth Vader #20)
  29. Palpatine Explains Why He Tried To Replace Darth Vader
  30. Darth Vader Kills Inspector Thanoth
  31. Darth Vader Faces Off With A Rancor
  32. Darth Vader VS A Cyborg-Rancor
  33. Darth Vader VS Tulon Voidgazer
  34. Darth Vader VS Morit
  35. Cylo IV’s Secret Weapon Against Darth Vader
  36. Darth Vader Dream On The Duel On Mustafar  24
  37. Anakin Skywalker VS Darth Vader
  38. How Darth Vader Killed Cylo IV
  39. Darth Vader Kills Cylo And All His Clones
  40. Doctor Aphra Betrays Darth Vader To The Emperor
  41. Darth Vader Kills Doctor Aphra
  42. Darth Vader Kills Grand General Tagge
  43. Darth Vader Dreams Of Turning Luke Skywalker To The Dark Side
  44. How Doctor Aphra Survived Darth Vader

Annual 1

  1. Darth Vader’s Gift To The Ruler Of Shu-Torun
  2. Darth Vader Does Not Dance
  3. Darth Vader Is Ambushed By Shu-Torun Rebels

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