Got my usual Nightwing and Justice League series, although I feel that their stories are really sub-par. They’re not on the same tier as the story telling of Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Action Comics, to name a few. Really hoping their stories pick up soon.

Got the latest Archie as usual. Solid story and can’t wait for Cheryl Blossom to make her appearance next issue.

Lucky that my comic book store still has copies of Justice League Rebirth issue 1. During all the relaunches of the Rebirth line, I got confused and thought I already bought one. Now if I can only score the Batman issue #1 as well.

And last, bought the Rebirth issue of Red Hood and the Outlaws. Fell in love with the story and art. My wish right now is to get it signed by local artist Dexter Soy.

By chan

Sep 22, 2016

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