From – Star Wars: Vader: Dark Visions #3 From – Star Wars: Vader: Dark Visions #3 From – Star Wars: Vader: Dark Visions #3


I really didn’t see it ending any other way. Poor crazy stalker.

From – Star Wars: Vader: Dark Visions #3

By chan

May 1, 2019 , ,
3 thoughts on “How Darth Vader Deals With Crazy Stalkers”
  1. “Poor crazy stalker”? No man she had it coming. Maybe if she wasn’t so selfish and such a crazy stalker in the first place none of this would’ve ever happened. Doesn’t she know that Darth Vader is a bad guy and that they do this kind of thing? He wouldn’t show mercy to her just because she loves him.

    The SJWS getting triggered over this is utterly ridiculous. Did you forget he’s killed thousands of people before? He would’ve done the same to anyone else, this girl isn’t anything special.
    He wouldn’t be with this creep anyway. He wouldn’t betray his dead wife like that bro that’s just messed up.
    Maybe the crazy fangirl could have lived if she hadn’t been so creepy and obsessing over him and collecting his burnt skin. That’s just weird.

    No wonder why she died.

  2. Lol I get out of my daily physical therapy session and see a face like THAT smiling at me? You bet your ass I’m doing the exact same thing.

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