Spider-Man On Why Super Heroes Have To Wear Masks Spider-Man On Why Super Heroes Have To Wear Masks Spider-Man On Why Super Heroes Have To Wear Masks


This is close to the same speech that Spider-man gave to the government when they were deliberating about the Superhuman Registration Act during the Civil War event.


North: You think you’re above all this. You and your pals. Above the law.

Spider-man: You know what? Yeah. I kinda do. Happy now? What kind of laws are there about a guy who can throw cars and jump over buildings and save thousands of people but needs to wear a mask to keep his loved ones safe? This whole deal? There’s no rule book.

Look, I get it. You “swore an oath”. Well, so did I. So did all of us. And sometimes we mess up, like your previous punching bag, Daredevil! But guess what… We solve it. All of us want to keep saving lives, so we solve it. Daredevil messed up, and I made sure he went away to get his head on straight. He may never come back, but I sure as hell won’t let him rot in a prison under “Mayor” Fisk. He’s a hero.

North: So a guy in a mask can jump a little higher, punch a little harder and he gets away with murder? Who’s making that call?

Spider-man: Don’t “slippery slope” the guy who sticks to walls. You know what I’m saying. You need to stop thinking about legal and illegal and start thinking about right and wrong. We’ve been up here for almost an hour. You know what happens at the hour mark? My webbing dissolves. So you have a choice; You want to save lives? Or “uphold the law”?

From – Daredevil Vol. 6 #11

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