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Category: Veronica Lodge

Archie Loves Betty And Veronica

Archie Loves Betty And Veronica

  I thought we were already this triangle already. Archie loves Betty Cooper as a childhood friend, stop bringing this up everytime Veronica! From – Archie #26

Betty Cooper Near Death After Car Crash

Betty Cooper Near Death After Car Crash

The big reveal after the last issue’s cliffhanger: what happened to the car crash involving Archie Andrews, Reggie Mantle, and Betty Cooper? We find out that due to Archie and […]

How Jughead And Veronica Bonded

How Jughead And Veronica Bonded

  And that’s how you make a bonding moment believable. It’s believable because aside from the known fact that Jughead’s personality would repel any snobishness because…. well he’s Jughead! But […]

Archie And Veronica's Awkward Date

Archie And Veronica’s Awkward Date

Looks like it’s trouble in paradise for Archie Andrews and Veronica Lodge. Is it because of the time apart that they grew into different people, or have they always been […]